10 Unique gift ideas for girls who have EVERYTHING

So, let us guess, you must have tried every search option EVER - gift ideas for her/women/girlfriend/sister/mom trying to find a meaningful and affordable gift which is just PERFECT but every site seems to be repeating the same thing. 

The other scenario is that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and here you are. No idea about what to gift, contemplating why you didn't plan in advance knowing she's expecting something.
We bring to you, a gift of 10 amazing and Unique gift ideas that can be delivered to your doorstep. 

Number 1 : A Love Package ( Everyone loves them)

Now let's start off easy. All you need is to assemble her favourite snacks, chocolates, maybe a movie CD, One of your Hoodie and anything you think she will like. Include something from her Hobby or an inside joke.

This idea is easy, affordable, quick and SHE WILL LOVE IT !

  .     .  

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Number 2 : Our Adventure Book ( For Disney Fans)

If you have seen the movie UP, you know that it's the CUTEST movie ever! Gift her this Scrapbook from the movie and watch her eyes light up.

PRO TIP- Now you can gift her the book filled with pictures and quotes from your amazing time together OR YOU MAKE IT A DATE IDEA! Gift her the cutest date idea where you relive those amazing memories as you fill the book together or keep filling it as you make more of those amazing times!



Cost : 25 $ (Use Code VDAY21 for 20% OFF )

Number 3 : Corgi Shorts ( For the Dog Lover)

The cutest ,funniest gift idea for all the corgi butt lovers ( come on, who doesn't LOVE corgi butts). These shorts are cute and adorable and provide a good laugh. If you are in a goofy and fun relationship, you just know she's gonna love it.


Cost : 21.99 $

Number 4 : Realistic Puppy ( For the Dogless Dog Lover)

Does she LOVE dogs and stops any conversation just to wave at a cute puppy passing by? Everyone knows her love for dogs and her struggle for getting one. If she matches this description, then this is the PERFECT gift for her. It's the most realistic looking dog toy ever. 

Just look at those puppy eyes ! 



Cost : 29.5 $ - 39.5 $ ( Medium and Large size)

Number 5 : Divoom Retro Speaker ( For the Gadget is Music Lover)

This new and interesting speaker has captured the heart of millions. It's a smart speaker with LED screen which can be used to play games, listen to music, acts as a smart alarm, create pixel art, display messages and much more. It is connected to your phone by bluetooth through an app. 

To know more, click on the link below:


Cost : 99.90 $

Number 6: Oversized Blanket ( For the couch potato)

As we all know the pandemic has made it hard to stay apart from our bed. PJs are the only clothes and going till the kitchen is the only workout. ( Life before the pandemic was same for some of us)

For the cozy napping machine, THIS IS THE DREAM. Finally getting to be a living cozy blanket is the best feeling ever. This is upgrade your nap time to the NEXT LEVEL !

.       .    


Cost : 39.99 $

Number 7 : Adorable Plushies ( For the Cute One )

Get her one of the most ADORABLE squishy friend whom she can hug every night. She will think of you every time she see's it. If her bed has more plushies and throw pillows than room to sleep, you just know she's gonna love it !


Cost: Varies with Size

Number 8 : Puuung Illustration Book  ( For the hopeless romantics)

A Relaxing book with the cutest Relationship Goals. The scenes portray a calm and relaxing life where there is love and just the simple things you do with your loved one are so precious. Things like watching a movie together or just sharing a meal, cozy nights with cold weather outside are moments to be cherished.


Link to Puuung Youtube Channel :

Cost : 42.88 $ ( For Hardcover Set of 2 , other versions available )

Number 9:  Mini UV case ( For the neat freak or anyone)

As the times are tough, we want our loved ones to be safe and well protected. Small things such as keys and phone collect millions of germs without even us realising it. So, this compact and smart UV case helps in getting rid of harmful germs to ensure the safety of your loved one.


Cost : 39.99 $

Number 10: Amazon Gift Card ( For one who has already raided every shop)

Now even after all this research, you find yourself stuck. Just get her a Gift card. It's the perfect last minute solution because she gets to choose her own gift or keep it for future use and at the same time, it takes all the pressure off your shoulders. Use the time you would take to find her a gift and spend time with her instead. Your Love and Affection will forever be the best gift to your special lady.

Amazon E-card :

Amazon Physical card :

Cost : Any Amount you want