About Us

We are a Dubai based company with a small team of people who fall in love with every cute, soft and squishy thing. But above all, we love seeing people happy. So, we decided to spread some happiness with like minded people who love adorable things as much as us.

The main idea behind this website was sharing love. People gift our products to their loved ones,  thier kids, their parents, the special someone in their life. They make the day of the ones receiving it and seeing their faces light up warms the heart of the ones who gifted them. 

It doesn't always have to be gifting this bundle of joy to someone else tho. It could simply be gifting these adorable gifts to yourself because you deserve it. You work so hard and give your best to every situation. You could have been through things but you always find a reason to smile. Gift yourself this warm hug to appreciate yourself and your efforts.

We hope our products helps in making you and your loved ones smile. Feel free to give us reviews or send emails on to tell us about ur experience. Your happiness keeps us going ! 💕